Property Protection


“Protect the asset you have worked so hard to build”

What is a Property Protection Trust?


An affordable way to help protect your share of your home’s value.


You specify who is to inherit your share of your home.


If the surviving partner remarries, your share can not be passed to another family.


The surviving partner can live in the home as long as they wish.

How does it work?

Our property protection trust allows you to protect your share of your home from possible future events so the beneficiaries in your will receive the inheritance you want them to. For example:

Alex and Chris have two children and they jointly own a house worth £200,000

Sadly Alex Dies

With a Standard Will (or no will in place)

Chris now owns 100% of the house

Property Protection Trust is setup

Chris now owns 50% of the house and Alex’s 50% is protected in Trust

Future Life Events

For Example:

Chris Decides to Marry without a PPT

100% of the house could pass to a new spouse when Chris dies or through a later divorce meaning Alex and Chris’ children might
not inherit anything.

Chris Decides to Marry with a PPT

The 50% of the house owned by Alex is protected by the trust and can’t pass to the new spouse when Sam dies or if they divorce. The children inherit at least their half.

Chris requires care without a PPT

Chris has to use 100% of the house to self fund residential care costs until only £23,250 is left. When Chris dies the children inherit £23,250.

Chris requires care with a PPT

Chris uses 50% of the property to fund residential care costs until only £23,250 is left. The other 50% is protected by the trust.

As your property increases in value, potentially so do your probate charges.

By fixing the cost and paying in advance you can benefit your loved ones by £000’s

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