Your Pre-Paid Probate Plan


Your Pre-Paid Probate Plan is the most cost-effective way to ensure the proper distribution of property & assets under the terms of your will.

What having a Pre-Paid Probate Plan has done for you & your loved ones?


We will:

  • Identify, gather and value all of your assets
  • Prepare all documents to apply to the Probate Registry of the High Court
  • Apply and obtain the appropriate Probate from the High Court


We will:

  • Correspond with the HM Revenue and Customs
  • Complete income tax, inheritance tax & capital gains tax returns
  • Calculate and transfer any nil rate band allowance for IHT purposes


We will:

  • Communicate with the financial institutions and all relevant organisations
  • Ensure any debts & liabilities are paid from the estate
  • Carry out bankruptcy searches against each beneficiary
  • Prepare the accounts & distribute the estate to the beneficiaries

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